Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm getting good at bitching...

I feel SOOO alone. And sad. My house is empty, it’s late at night, I can’t be on the phone because everyone I would talk to is not where I can talk to them... this sucks. Our advisee “outing” won’t be the best either... I can’t really call it an outing because it’s actually just my whole advisee group comes to my house day. Joy. Hopefully no one will get killed by my bow. And if they do, it isn’t my fault, I had nothing to do with it. Nothing. Really. I could be doing homework right now, but that would be even more depressing than what I’m arleady doing. Actually maybe not considering what I’m doing is writing in my “blog” which I don’t really give a fuck about, but for lack of anything better to do, here I am, writing in it. Fuck. That probably gives you an idea of how sad and alone I really am. Not the fuck I mean, the fact that I’m writing in here. Nevermind. I keep forgetting that everyone else/everyone who reads this isn’t quite as crazy as me. Yet. But they will be soon if they keep reading this, or talking to me. I imagine I have a weird effect on others sometimes.
Maybe I shouldn’t listen to depressing music right now. It’s making me sadder. :( Maybe I’ll listen to Pearl Jam instead.... who knows?! And if you don’t know who Pearl Jam is... you really shouldn’t exist until you do.
We won our soccer game today... I almost died of tiredness, which was incredibly depressing considering I used to be able to run like crazy and not get tired, but now, just something short like that makes me tired... I have no life. And the fact that I’m writing about SOCCER, one of the many things I suck at, and just can’t do, in my blog, makes me feel even more alone.
Mmmm Reese’s. Henry’s shirt makes me hungry. The bright orange one that looks like a target and has a big Reese’s chocolate thing on the front that looks really edible.... Mmmm... I can taste it now. The chocolate, not Henry. Or his shirt. AHHHH!!!! Bad bad bad bad bad bad image! Get it away before I die! I don’t know how much longer I can handle it! And I don’t even have someone to tell me to “not think about it for 30 seconds” which of course will, make me think about it. But I am anyway. But now I’ve confused myself into submission, because I don’t even remember what it was that was disturbing me in the first place. And I don’t care to look up and find out. I’ll just NEVER read this again, and I’ll never have to know what was really horrible. Wow, funny that my longest paragraph thing so far is on chocolate and the disturbingness of something, I don’t really remember. But something. Mmmm chocolate... Okay, I think it’s time for this paragraph to end. It’s becoming pointless, and I hate things that are repetitive and lose their point. Because then they aren’t worth doing in the first place. And by ‘doing’ thats not what I mean you sick sick person. You’ve been around me too long whoever you are. Hahaha I have no idea who you are. You could be someone I really and truly detest. Who knows.
Guess what??!! Tomorrow, on the way to school (which is pointless in the first place because I’m just coming back home again for advisee outing) Caitlin is taking me to school, which is all completely fine and dandy, but guess who else she’s taking to school??!! Margolis! (If you’re Margolis reading this, sorry, I uhh dunno what I mean by this.... I’m confused remember? Stupid, oblivious to the world around me. Yep, thats me.) So, in the morning, despite being oh so excited (sorry, forgot you can’t see sarcasm when it’s typed) about having 10 crazy crazy people coming to my house, I get to look forward to a 20 minute (AHH!!! 20 minutes has never seemed so long before!) car ride with Margolis. I can’t wait.
Well, I think I have now bitched enough for this thing to go on my blog officially. I’m getting good at bitching. A strength of mine lets just say, and hell, I might as well admit it, I don’t have many of those. Now, I must depart. Comment on this, I swear I’ll read it, it’ll make me really happy. Comments make me happy. So go CRAAAAZY!!! And yes, I know you have to make an account on this crazy crazy account to make a comment. But trust me, it isn’t that difficult. And then you’ll have a blog of your very own! (Oh joyous day!) AND you can comment on mine! Seem worth it now??? I knew it did. I’ll talk to you whoever you are later. Mmmmm food. I am now going to eat. Food I mean... now I’m stalling. I have even less of a life when I start to stall when writing something on my blog. I’m done now!!!!


Blogger Jeramie said...

haha grace you are so crazy. but christ, Margolis??? since when did he live near you?

5:34 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Margolis?? how did that go... *cough* snigger *cough*

12:18 PM  
Blogger joe said...

goddamnit grace if u keep writing thes longass entries im gonna have to because we both care about these things the same amount... not at all, but ur making me feel stupid and lazy.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Hahaha it was pretty bad. I had no idea he lived near me! AAAHHH!!!! I can't sleep at night for fear that he'll find me considering he now knows where I live! Aaah! Haha, Joe, I'll enjoy watching you try to fill up as much space as I have managed to with absolutely nothing. I am stupid and lazy, but it doesn't take that much skill to fill space with nothing. Nada. Cero. Farewell.

5:15 PM  

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