Monday, April 04, 2005

Okay, Okay, I'm writing something.

Okay. I need to write SOMETHING. But, I have absolutely no idea what... ok ok this will be really great. Mmmmm chocolate. I love chocolate. Actually, I love food. Except meat... anyway, this is not what I had "planned" on writing in here. But I didn't plan on writing anything, so that might be why. I never plan anything... okay, now I'm confusing myself. As usual. This is a GOOD candy cane. Really. Not that it matters, you don't care.
Okay, I'm really going to write something in here now. Hmmmm... ok... I had to get up at six today which was... "unpleasant" to say the least... I almost killed myself just trying to get out of my room it was so early. I forgot the door was shut AGAIN... and ran into it as usual... Goddamn door. Never cooperates with anyone... but thats not what I should be writing about here either. So what SHOULD I be writing about in here? Help me out here... I'm dying.
Apparently I have to go to a soccer game and sit on the bench tomorrow... sometimes it sucks to suck at everything... but I'll just pretend it'll be great, and no one has to know. Hmmm I’m bored... maybe I’ll bitch at Henry... I’m good at that. Did I mention that this is REALLY good chocolate??? Somehow I think I did... but oh well, it won’t hurt you to hear it again. Watch you die right now... haha... God this sucks. This is boring, and I can’t believe I’m actually spending my time writing in this fucking thing. I have no life. Obviously. But what the hell, what am I supposed to do about it?
I taught some person piano after school today... she didn’t understand what I was trying to say, and for good reason I guess, I didn’t understand what I was trying to say either. She just sat there with an expression that reminded me of the one you would see on the face of a deer in front of the headlight of your speeding car. But whatever. I’m still alive, and hopefully she is, so everything will be okay. One day.
The Simpsons have to be the best. Them and Southpark... I just spent a long time watching Henry’s Simpsons second season or whatever, and my brother’s Southpark dvd, which was... interesting. But it was fun anyway I guess, considering there was nothing better to do around here. Except eat dinner... mmm dinner.... damn that was good... Wow, I’ve actually written a lot here... how impressive of me. Of course there isn’t anything interesting in this whole thing, but what the hell, if you’ve taken the time to read all the way down to here, I’m doing pretty well. I think I’m going to call someone. Dunno who. But I’m bored... who can suffer my shit? Haha, maybe I won’t call someone...
My hair smells funny... wow, thats fascinating I know... Oh shit, I have to go to school tomorrow. Goddamn. I’d rather sit at my house in boredom than go there... But I do not have that choice... okay, I don’t know what I’m talking about, no one likes reading this, I don’t really like writing it, and I don’t know why I have it.
Even though this whole thing sucks, which it does, I admit it, it is really exciting for me to be able to come on here and find people who actually read it, and not only did they read it, they commented! The long ones are the most exciting, but the other ones are good too... not trying to insult Joe or anything. But in any case, I think it’s really great when people actually write a comment, even if they have nothing to say. Because it gives me something to do other than write yet another shitty thing in here. But anyway. I’ve written enough. If you read all this, thats great, and I don’t know how you did it. You should get some sort of award. Farewell.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Grace your blog = one of my many heros

4:36 PM  
Blogger joe said...

OI! i write the best fuckin comments in this little hole of a blog!! OI OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!11

3:01 PM  

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