Saturday, April 02, 2005


This will sound completely crazy to everyone who reads this I'm sure, but I'm sooo happy that school starts in 2 days. And not because of classes, classes suck, but so does my empty house, and I'm getting tired of it. But what the hell, I can handle it for another day.... can't I???
Anyway, I can't help but notice the lack of comments on my thingys!! It's so SAD!!! Maybe cuz hardly anyone has been here. But whos problem is THAT??? Not mine! I finished my American History homework... how amazing is that?? Pretty amazing. I knew you'd agree. Except not. This "blog" thing is so stupid, it just makes me feel stupid and alone, because I'm pretty much just talking to myself. And getting no replies. (Hint Hint) Plus, who made up the name "blog" anyway??? I mean how stupid is that??? Could they make a worse name? I guess they could. I mean, what if they'd called it dick? It's like "I'm going to go write on my dick now." And I'm not even a guy! How does THAT work??? Okay... I think whoever it is who's reading this may have had enough of my train of thought now. It's probably scaring you. But this really is how I think. Scary huh? Okay, now THIS time, I would really appreciate it if you guys would actually COMMENT on my "blog" (I just can't get over how stupid that name is) so I feel at least a little bit less like I'm talking to myself, all alone and sad. I really will read it! I'll even write back! Okay... I've had enough. You've had enough. This thing is over now. Goodbye. I'll come back later I'm sure. When I have nothing else to do.


Blogger Jeramie said...

I'm back...and even after the all nighter I still have work to do. AH test, LC,'s never ending. So I read your pitiful entry and decided to comment since you put out so many not so vague pleas for comments. NY was pretty good...some drunk guy came up to me, and scared the hell outta me, and then I was with Georgia, and she claims that this other guy said "fake IDs," even tho I think he said "Hey ladies," just like the other other guy who said "Hey ladies." Bought some stuff, went to some shows (MOVIN' OUT=BEST THING EVER AND NOW I HAVE SOMEONE ELSE TO BACK ME UP...hehe)and basically had good time. Grace, I'm sure you're even more thrilled that they named the site 'blogger," but you can't have it all. Background info...originally came from weblog...hence the name blog. Not so creative. Actually, I'm happy sb is over too. I wish i could have had a couple of days to sleep in, but i guess thats what summers'll be good to see people, even tho classes start too...hopefully they won't load us up with too much. aaiaiai ok im bored, enough commenting

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Blogger joe said...

OI OI OI my toes are funny!

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