Monday, June 13, 2005

I am the anti-Dorothy

I haven’t written in here since the whole end of year business. So now I am. I have a feeling I’m going to write something really long. We’ll find out. Okay so, I guess I’ll start with Thursday.

I don’t really remember much... I remember our monologue thing. And it raining. Okay, so our advisee group was the one that had to take out all the recycling/trash in the MS, which is awesome because it requires just about the least effort of anything an advisee group can be assigned to do. So, I was outside taking out the recycling like a good little girl when I ran into a tree. And it started raining. Which sucked. But, I got pulled out of all that cleaning stuff early because our Monologue class had to read our monologues which are SOOO boring to the whole MS. Which we did, but some of them are so long, and supposed to be so deep I guess, that I just can’t handle it. I don’t really think deep thoughts, ever, so Ryans and mine ended up being stupid because we were sitting next to each other when we were typing and ended up sort of writing together, which resulted in one of the weirdest most undeep monologues ever. Which could be good I guess. I don’t even like monologues. I only realized this today, when I was on the phone with Henry, but I realized (ok, so I’m too stupid to realize it myself, it was really him who noticed it about me) that I HATE monologues. I don’t like feeling like I’m talking to myself, I’d much rather be holding a conversation with someone else. But this doesn’t matter at all, and its besides the point. No one cares. Time for a different day.

So, I remember the slide show. God, how can I ever forget. There were so many horrible horrible horrible pictures of me, from when I was a first or second year in MS, that made me want to go throw myself off a high area. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK it hurts just thinking about it. And lets all just pretend that I didn’t just “eek.” Then, a whlie after the slide show, came the epic last meeting for worship. I’ve decided meeting for worships should be called meeting for worshit, or meeting for war shit depending on how atheist I’m feeling at the moment. But anyway, Robert told me I was the anti-Dorothy, which was... not what I was expecting. Actually, I was expecting him to not say anything, just sort of shove the flower in my hand, which would die/wilt as soon as it touched my not so angelic skin, and tell me to sit down, we would discuss whether or not I was actually being allowed to go to US later. But no. He called me the anti-Dorothy, told me I was someone he could trust, which was even more unexpected, considering I’m the one who has tormented him endlessly for the last four years. Then he made me hug him, which we actually HAD practiced before hand, he trusted me, but not enough to give him a hug at the end of my graduation. How ironic. Then, I was subjected to a 40 minute session of pure Molli monologue. And remember how I said I don’t like monologues? Well I don’t. But, I REALLY don’t like a Molli monologue. It’s like supersizing something that was already bad enough. Probably the most surprising thing about this whole morning, was when two people actually said things about me. Voluntarily. As in, by their own choice, they said something about me. Well, they could’ve been bribed, but I’m hoping not. They made me very happy, and I felt a little less hated when that whole thing was over. It was ridiculous. Ridiculously ridiculous. Haha, if you don’t know what I’m talking about there, don’t try to figure it out. And if now you’re curious, don’t worry, theres no deep meaning behind it or anything. Actually, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Wow, I’m crazy.
I went out to lunch with my parents after the whole “graduation” business, and got really good food. Mmmm pancake. Then I went home, and proceeded to feel alone and lonely, so I did what I always do when I feel alone and lonely. No, not write in my blog like Rebecca (ever wondered why she writes in there so much?) But call someone. Usually Henry because hes my victim. His number is programmed into my hand, if I’m not thinking specifically of calling someone else, its his number that will show up on the screen without me even realizing it. Watch me be in a near fatal collision one day or something, and be suffocating and accidentally dial his number.... ANYWAY, I automatically called Henry, and I’m not really sure what happened, but about 45 minutes later, I found myself being driven to Henry’s house by my dad. So, I stayed there for about 2 hours before I went to Rebecca’s house. Ben exploded a bag of pasta all over Henry’s floor, and Dylan ate his flower, saying it tasted really good (not true, it was DISGUSTING.) Soon after that I was at Rebecca’s house, where Joe and Maxine fought Ben and me for this room. Ben won completely fairly from rock paper scissors, but Maxine and Joe decided to be difficult, and bothered us for a long amount of time. Then they finally went away, but Margolis and Juliette never did. So I clawed Margolis later. Kind of stupid actually, but I did anyway. In my defense, I was frustrated, and he was being an asshole, so I couldn’t help it.

I hardly did anything on Saturday. This guy came to our house, hes my dad’s friend, and gave us 8 guitars and an amp, which was really awesome. So I messed around with those for a while, and went to Caitlin’s graduation dessert thing for a while, where I stocked up on brownies and then came home again. Then I messed around with the guitars again, and somewhere in there, I got myself into one of the weirdest moods I’ve ever been in. I’m still sort of in it actually, but its milder now, then, it was crazy. All of a sudden, I hated all the music on my mp3 player. All of it. Which for me, is one of the craziest things to happen ever. Generally, when I get really really pissed off/really really sad all at once, like I did then, music is what makes it all better, but when I’m really pissed off/really really sad, and the music is only making it worse... thats when I feel really weird. This also all explains why my left hand currenly has black nail polish on it, and my right hand has purple. Thats how weird my mood was.

I had to get up really early, at eight, which is insane for the summer. Not okay. But I got up to go to Border’s or whatever with Jeramie and Lauren so I could have spanish. But, my parents being stupid got me there 20 minutes early, and I was left to wander around until they Jeramie/Lauren got there. So, I was looking at all the music stuff, and it had the magazines and stuff, which was next to the big crazy rack of playboy magazines. And these two creepy old men came in and were looking at the playboy and talking about it and then one of them asked me about it and I got really scared and ran away. Luckily Jeramie came and saved me, but it was really bad right then.
Later, I went to Anna Ruth’s house, which was really awesome, she has one of the best houses ever, and then to Jordan Lake, where I got really sunburnt, and then to this chinese restaurant, where I almost flashed the person at the table next to us accidentally (it wasn’t my fault!) And then back to Anna Ruth’s house where we watched Superstar, which is supposedly Ryan’s favorite movie of all time. I ate icecream and then fell asleep (no thanks to Molli.)

So thats my really great story. Sorry I haven’t written in here in such a long time. Remember? i don’t like monologues. And thats all this is. I hate it. Oh well. I do not however, hate comments. Hint hint. Wow I didn’t curse much this time. Goodbye.


Blogger Ben said...

Your mentee likes you and you talk to them (unlike me) so of course they said something about you. THE FLOWERS DID TASTE GOOD! you thought the leaf things tasted good. That was a really weird mood.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Ruthie said...

I loved your monolouge (dont tell i thought it was the best)
robert was so sweet! what were you really expecting.
thanx for coming and hanging out w/ us hope u had a good time. SUperstar was really weird...
call me next time youre in a wierd mood, ill be in a weird mood with u!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Jeramie said...

well, at least robert is toto, or a flying monkey...

10:14 AM  
Blogger Henry said...

How could you not like the flowers?!?!?!?!?!?!? Those were really nice. Nice tasting. You wrote your monolouge about eating roses and in real life you don't even like them? OH well. I have to go swim, but I eagerly await the next time you call me to torture me. :-) I FINALLY MADE A BLOG(or as I now know from Joe, weblog. Ooh.)

Peace Out

11:03 AM  
Blogger Henry said...

How could you not like the flowers?!?!?!?!?!?!? Those were really nice. Nice tasting. You wrote your monolouge about eating roses and in real life you don't even like them? OH well. I have to go swim, but I eagerly await the next time you call me to torture me. :-) I FINALLY MADE A BLOG(or as I now know from Joe, weblog. Ooh.)

Peace Out

11:04 AM  
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